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plz scout me

2009-06-20 06:52:50 by animonz

plz can i be scouted on the art portal :D

plz scout me


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2009-06-20 08:01:13

i really like the peace badger one but it think your other stuff needs some work, coming from me thsi is kinda hipocritical seenas i cant draw for S***, if you improve a bit i will most definitely scout you...


2009-06-20 08:05:47

forgot to leave my thoughts on your drawing above,

1. its much too sketchy, if you ment it to be like that well thats your decision but i don't think it will ever get scouted of ots like that

2. i noticed that you have used "texta" for the background, not a good idea, it leaves a horrible effect which i liked when i was 6,

3. the windows in the background are much too irregular, not as in position but in size and shape, if you were aiming for a plain balck background you missed compleaetely,


The Happy Yeti

animonz responds:

i drew this in a maths lesson with a bio it was only a short sketch nothing special but thanks for commenting :D


2009-06-20 08:07:34

sorry for so many comments but it looked like u took photos of some of your work? if so get a scanner, you will never get respect if you take photos of your art....